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"With MoreApp you can quickly come up with solutions. It takes less than two seconds to actually use a form that has been created with the online Form Builder. No MoreApp employee or developer needs to be involved."

GEA Milking & Dairy Farming (MDF), as part of the GEA Group, offers tailored solutions for dairy businesses to help increase and optimise the productivity. I, Denise Ermes, met with Myrthe Reen, GEA MDF's Service Team Coordinator to learn more about how they utilise MoreApp to digitise their work processes.

Contact with Dealerships

The Dutch MDF team is working together with dealers who deliver and install GEA's products at farmers. When delivering the products at the dealers, the GEA MDF's employees fill in a digital visit report using MoreApp. The employees also use MoreApp to track all incoming calls. Once a call is completed and the form is sent, MoreApp automatically emails a report to the caller with a complete overview of what has been discussed. Ultimately, this helped increasing the customer satisfaction!

Flexible Online Form Builder

"It is important that data can be entered in an easy way and can easily be retrieved for further use." Myrthe explains she is very content with the functionality that allows her to use MoreApp offline as well as to fill in forms both on desktop and mobile devices. Other advantages that Myrthe points out are the user-friendliness and flexibility of the Form Builder. "It takes less than two seconds to actually use a form that has been created with the online Form Builder. No MoreApp employee, ticket or developer needs to be involved."

Result: More Insight and Saving Time

The desired result has been achieved! All the data, of every contact with GEA MDF's dealers, is collected with MoreApp. After every point of contact the dealers receive a final report of what has been discussed. This way of working has helped to increase the transparency between both parties, as well as the customer satisfaction. GEA MDF also uses the data to analyse which areas require more training. Because everything is now clearly arranged in one place, consultation and searching for reports is no longer necessary, Myrthe says.

MoreApp Branding

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