Storecheck Tips & Tricks

If you're reading this, there's a big chance you're looking for a way to optimise your storecheck process. MoreApp provides just that with its intuitive Form Building Platform.

If you're a (future) business owner who owns inventory, it is important that you craft a detailed plan on how to perform the storecheck. This way you're keeping a close eye on your products and can make sure things are running smoothly. Let's go through the steps of using the storecheck app, with tips and tricks given along the way.

Getting started

First things first, make a free account on our website. This way you can get started using the Platform. Now to make things even easier for you, download the storecheck template from our Marketplace. This gives you an idea of what a good storecheck list could look like. You can customise this form fully to your wishes. Some widgets which might come in really handy are the Text-, Photo-, Signature-, and Subform-widget. With the Photo-widget you can set it up to only take photos with the phone's camera, and restrict using images from the camera roll. The Subform-widget gives you the ability to fill in certain checks multiple times without making the form longer. Not to mention, the form overview looks clearer this way. Another really useful widget is the Pin-widget. For example; you want to highlight a certain section of your product shelf and make a comment about it, the Pin-widget makes this possible. After filling in the form, the registration is saved on not only the device but could also be automatically exported to your cloud such as OneDrive.

Have these tips and tricks motivated you to make your storecheck process even better? Then start digitising your forms today!

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