10 Smart Moves You Can Do at Work to Help Save the Planet

Saving earth resources has been one of the most urgent issues to focus on during the last decade. Working digital is one of these smart moves, but there are many more ways. MoreApp gives you 10 tips and tricks you can implement at work to take better care of our beautiful planet.

1. Try not to use paper anymore

Use MoreApp instead, go digital and save trees!

2. Use energy efficient light bulbs

It reduces the energy consumption, we do it in our offices! Don’t forget to switch off the light when you leave the office!

3. Go to work biking

Are you fed up with traffic jams? Use your bike instead, you'll make a great move for our beautiful planet and you'll arrive at work energised!

4. Choose sustainable

From food to clothes, try making smart choices: instead of using plastic bags opt for a tote bag. Did you know that the MoreApp clothing is made of organic cotton?

5. Drink filtered water and use glasses

Use a jar of filtered water instead of buying bottles, and try not to use 1-time coffee cups anymore. Much more fun to drink from your own personalised mug!

6. Bring your own food

Bring a glass container at work for your lunch, it reduces plastic consumption and you will be much more happier to eat what you cooked! Did you know we have Meatless Monday at the office?

7. Adjust the room temperature

Try not to level up/down the temperature in an excessive way at the office, put a sweater instead or open the door/window to get some fresh air.

8. Do carpooling

If you can't come at work biking or walking, try to find a colleague who lives nearby in order to reduce pollution and traffic jams.

9. Unplug your digital appliances

When you don't use them, unplug them!

10. Recycle 

In addition to paper and plastic, electronics can also be recycled! If you want to make a difference, start with yourself.


Remember, simple and small changes make great improvements!

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