FCO gebruikt MoreApp

Innovative with MoreApp

Arvid Fontijn, owner of FCO Security, found MoreApp in the App Store by searching for the term work order. The company is all-rounder in the field of mobile security. FCO is 24 hours per day standby and arrives as soon as possible on site when there is alarm. On average they receive 3,2 reports per day. To register these reports FCO uses MoreApp. They export the data for invoicing.

Arvid: “Creative thinking is necessary for an efficient organization. In the security market digitalization is new. The customer, for example, is used to us leaving a note when we drop by. Now we only leave a notification and send the MoreApp registration directly to the customer. All our processes are digital now.”

FCO enjoys using MoreApp. Creating forms is really easy with the intuitive interface. Errors, like illegible handwriting or skipping questions, are history. Arvid: “We use MoreApp on locations with bad internet access, like sea-going vessels or car parks. The forms are being sent when the device has internet access. This makes the app always usable at any location.”

Also the security staff is enthusiastic about MoreApp. Everybody uses the mobile device of preference and the forms can be completed easily. Arvid: “I often recommended MoreApp. It is a perfect tool for small and medium sized companies in the security industry.”



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