Pas Reform uses MoreApp to streamline their processes

Saving Paper with Enhanced Digital Forms

Streamlining their processes with the use of MoreApp is one of the top priorities for Pas Reform. Pas Reform offers total solutions for the hatchery industry for incubation equipment and other commercial poultry solutions. Their complex paper forms required a time-saving and paperless solution, that’s why they have chosen to work with MoreApp.

Pas Reform uses MoreApp’s digital forms for expenses, inspections and installations.

Expenses and Installation Checklists

Michael Miller, Service Manager at Pas Reform North America, is always looking to improve processes for the better. With its headquarters based in the Netherlands and a rapidly expanding market in North America, the company relies on working with structured digital forms. The Expense form is the form Michael is the proudest of, which is also the most used form. “Before using MoreApp’s Expense form, we were working with an Excel form. We had to send it over and wait to get it signed. Very inconvenient. Now it’s so easy to work with the form, MoreApp even gets our older employees to speed up. They have been thriving with the app!”

"It’s so easy to work with the form, MoreApp even gets our older employees to speed up. They have been thriving with the app!”

Michael Miller

Pas Reform North America - Service Manager

The best thing is the number of saved paper forms. The Expense forms no longer need to be printed which saves a minimum of fifty forms per week. And that’s just one form! Runners-up is the Installation Checklist. These checklists help them to finish up a project efficiently. These checklists can be signed off when all boxes are ticked, which gives the company great accountability. Reducing the amount of time spent on finishing a project, saves them thousands of euros a year. Another reason why Pas Reform keeps developing new digital forms and workflows with MoreApp.

Expenses and Installation Checklists Pas Reform

Improving Complex Forms

Pas Reform is continuously creating new specialist forms. They are currently working on building a hatchery Inspection form. For this form, a lot of data has to be collected. An example is the room temperature. Michael: “We finetune the form as we go. We receive feedback from our employees which we then directly implement. For complex forms like this, it only takes half an hour to an hour to build with the intuitive MoreApp form builder.”

Pas Reform’s most used widgets:
  1. Subform-widget
  2. Calculation-widget
  3. Catalogue-widget

Now Pas Reform is hooked to the Form Builder! They will create any form they can think of. Michael: “We even use forms for our sales folders, which include a link that opens directly to one of our forms.”

“What I really like about MoreApp, is every time I think I understand the form, I discover something new that takes it to the next level. Suddenly it’s like wow, I can do even more and make the form even better!”

Michael Miller

Pas Reform North America - Service Manager

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