Reducing Errors with MoreApps Inspection App

Find out how you can eliminate or minimise the amount of mistakes made when performing digital inspection checks. MoreApps inspection app provides everything you need to make inspecting products/services more accurate.

The first step to reducing errors is identifying what the common mistakes are, and then finding a way to alleviate these issues. The following list indicates some of the most frequent made mistakes and how the MoreApp inspection app combats them.

  1. Overlooking or misinterpreting details: Sometimes inspectors may forget to fill in certain sections of a form when performing checks because it's not clear enough or could easily be overlooked. To avoid important details being skipped by accident, you can mark these sections as "required" for the inspector. This way they cannot submit a form without having filled in those necessary parts in the inspection app. To clarify some specifications or the checklist, you can include additional information as placeholder in the widgets or alternatively use a Help-widget. Now you can be sure the check isn't misinterpreted.
  2. Forgetting or bringing wrong equipment: If your inspections require the use of various tools, it can happen that the inspector brings the wrong equipment or simply forgets it. Reporting can be inaccurate or delayed because of this. A simple method to keep your inspectors on their feet, is to send them an instruction via the inspection app. This serves as a pre-check procedure and reminder for them. The correct tools make reporting more reliable.
  3. Difficulties in retracing information: When still working with paper forms, it can be difficult to look up specific information when trying to detect where an error occurred. MoreApps inspection app solves this with the ability to export data to other systems such as Google Sheets, Excel and more. On these systems you can easily filter through the information and pinpoint exactly what you need. For example, when you are trying to find out how many inspections took place on a certain date and by whom.
  4. Missing or using old photos in the report: Similarly to the first point (overlooking details), the reporter can also forget to take photos during inspections. By making the Photo-widget mandatory, this can be avoided. But if you also want to make sure the photos submitted are new and not reused, you can disable the widget option to use photos in the library. This means it is required to take a photo through the camera when performing the checks.

Now that you are aware of the problems and know how to solve them, reporting will be much more accurate and easier! If you don't know where to start, you can download an inspection checklist form from our Marketplace.

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