Quality Control for Sales and Aftersales

Van Mossel MB BV had made incredible progress by replacing paper forms with MoreApp. With the help of MoreApp, the quality control reports of cars arrive real-time at the sales administration department.

Van Mossel is a Dutch Mercedes-Benz dealer and sells a wide range of products such as cars, vans and trucks. Next to that, they offer services like repairs, leasing and replacement transport.

Replacing Paper Forms

All the Van Mossel dealers in the Netherlands work with MoreApp. The dealers use the app for several purposes. The mechanics for example use the app for the final inspection of the repair and maintenance of vehicles. The sales department uses MoreApp for the delivery and handover of cars. The sales department checks if all details are correct and let the customer sign the form.

"We have adopted the app, there is no department that does not work with MoreApp. With MoreApp we took ten steps ahead." - Natasja de Wit 

Carrying out quality controls is seen as a "must" at Van Mossel. Previously, it took a long time before the sales administration department gathered all the forms. Van Mossel went looking for a replacement of paper forms and found MoreApp: digital, fast and easy.

Standardised Forms

All Van Mossel dealers work with the same form templates which leads to standardised quality control reports. Changes to a form can be published in a split of a second through the MoreApp Platform. This enables all dealers to work with the newest version of the form template. The Mercedes-Benz dealership is happy they have standardized their work processes.

Van Mossel uses MoreApp to improve the efficiency of its work processes. It is now easy to see how many checks have been carried out and what errors occurred. Natasja: "If we notice something, we immediately take action, change direction and improve our processes."

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