MoreApp's New Pricing

MoreApp's New Pricing

From the 1st of January 2023, we will adjust our prices. In this blog post, we explain what you can expect as our customer.

Visit our Pricing page for an overview of all plans.

Price Increase for all Plans

Like many other businesses, we too are affected by an increase in business costs due to high inflation. For the first time since the introduction of our Pricing plans in 2018, we will increase our prices. The increase will go into effect on the 1st of January, 2023. We continue to offer a sustainable and affordable high-quality solution. We are convinced that using MoreApp helps your business save time, resources, and money. This price change allows us to keep this our highest priority.

How will these changes impact me as a customer?

Fair question! The price increase will be effective from your first invoice in 2023. This applies to both Monthly and Yearly plans.

Can I lock in today’s prices if I am on a Yearly Plan?

Absolutely! We can make this possible for another year by renewing your Yearly plan before the end of 2022. We take care of this by resetting your billing cycle. For more information contact one of our Consultants.

What can I do if I am on a Monthly Plan?

We advise our customers on a Monthly plan to switch to Yearly before the end of 2022. By switching to a Yearly plan you receive one month for free. Read about other advantages of our Yearly plans in our Help Center.

Saying Goodbye to the Seed Plan

We will no longer offer our free Seed plan from the 1st of January 2023. Why? Removing our Seed plan will contribute to the alignment of our core values and product. We are constantly improving our tool and are supporting you in the best way we can. This change will allow us to build a strong(er) relationship with our customers. Are you currently using our Seed plan and want to continue using MoreApp? Awesome, you can easily do so by selecting one of our plans. Read our Help Center post on selecting a plan for your account.

Do you have any questions about our plans or need help deciding which plan is the best fit for your company? Please book a call via the button below with one of our specialised consultants. We are happy to help.

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