One more step towards a paperless office

Kristina Meelind

For past decades society has kept talking about paperless offices. Sadly even now, 40 years later, while every other corporate branch has made the dream, less or more reachable, the offices are the last holdout struggling against paperless future. It seems that compared with the situation ten- fifteen years ago, the offices should have had every technological advance to change their ways. The bitter truth here is that instead of decreasing, the amount of paper used in corporations has risen.

It might seem that the offices are not even trying. This is not true. Most companies know that saving paper means saving money. They try to reduce their costs on paper. Still, if to search for a 100% paperless office, we will come back empty handed. As a result, talking about a paperless office means that we are talking about a reduced use of paper. Apparently even nowadays the 100% paperless office seems like an unreachable dream.

Reduce costs

That brings us to our next question. Why is archiving a paperless office so hard, if not impossible? There are many sides of this story to be considered. First of all, it is extremely hard to change the organizational and structural grounds of an already running corporation. Second of all, it is almost impossible to change the people and the ways that they are used to handle their work. Many organizations have tried to reduce the costs spent on paper. Some of them have calculated what it might take to reduce the paper use, but the figures have scared them. It might seem a too big bite to take at once, so a paperless goal should be rather archived steady and slowly.


Data storage

Another threshold is that for many people paper seems safer than databases, USB sticks, and clouds. In many aspects, for example in the libraries, books and papers are being held as original statements; while in other cases people think that burning down the file room is less common than losing the USB stick. For the office, it means endless amounts of files and folders taking up space in a room. For the environment it means millions of trees being cut down, just to store information and data, what most often no one will never read again. While losing a USB stick is not more or less possible than losing the files you need, then data and information saved on cloud-based databases is far safer than carrying it around in the suitcase.

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