Optimal Internal Processes at Porsche

"The recorded data gives us the opportunity to measure the quality of internal processes. We look at what we can improve, in that way we increased the quality of the business process from 85% to 97%. This indirectly increases the customer experience."

The Porsche Center in Eindhoven, The Netherlands is part of the PGZ group. The dealership has a focus on the sales and after sales of premium vehicles. I, Denise Ermes, am interviewing Giovanni van Baal, Quality & Data Analyst at PGZ. Keep reading to find out more about the use of MoreApp during the after-sales process.

Digital Work Order

Giovanni created a digital form with MoreApp for every step of the after-sales process. The forms optimise the internal processes. Thanks to the database with photos there is no discussion possible afterwards.

A work order is created as soon as a customer calls or emails to schedule an appointment. The service adviser captures what is needed in terms of maintenance. Three days before the customer comes by, the work order is checked by three departments using MoreApp checklists. The departments check if everything is ready to provide the customer with the best possible service. Among other things, the departments check whether the necessary parts are available and if the work to be performed is described clearly.

A service adviser completes the vehicle intake form when the customer hands over the car for maintenance or repair. The adviser fills in general information, inspects the car and adds photos. The service advisers follow the same steps when collecting and issuing loan vehicles and when collecting and delivering cars to customers on location.

As soon as the maintenance of a car has been completed, an inspector carries out the final inspection. The result of the overall vehicle check shows if the maintenance has been carried out correctly and whether there are any defects on the car that have not been noted before.

Porsche is a premium brand where the customer experience plays a major role. The car must always be 100% clean and perfect when leaving the workshop. The manager checks every car through a digital quality assurance checklist.

Improved Customer Experience

The transition from paper forms to digital forms brings a lot of improvement. Thanks to MoreApp, the Porsche Center saves 40,000 sheets of paper per year. In addition, the data is easy to analyse. Based on the analysis, the team managed to improve internal processes and the customer experience. According to the calculation of Giovanni, the business process increased from 85% to 97%. Because the quality of the process is improved, the customer experience is also substantially increased. Giovanni: “By analysing the data you get to know the pitfalls in the process and you can then talk to departments to find to a better solution."

Giovanni talks about his product experience: "I find the drag & drop functionality for creating forms very useful. The user management also works well, users only see the forms they need. It is also fantastic that the app is available on devices from your mobile phone to an iPad and desktop. Another big plus is the MoreApp help desk. If you need help, you will get a quick response and I am approached regularly by MoreApp with the questions everything is going well."

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