MoreApp in the Dutch House of Representatives

On September 13th, Thom Bokelaar participated on behalf of MoreApp in a roundtable discussion of the Standing Committee for Economic Affairs and Climate of the House of Representatives of the States General.

Thom has advocated for the commission, among other things, that the government is fully committed to innovation and gives more attention and room to the young innovative companies. Among these companies are future multinationals and they do not get a chance to work with the government now.

Thom also discussed the large number of failed IT projects. Why does the government keep working with suppliers who make a game of it. The supplier points in the opposite direction towards the government as a guilty party, but it would be a good idea to award projects to new talent. Finally, Thom praised a number of initiatives from the government. Support for (young) companies abroad is very well organised, as is the Open data policy and the IT infrastructure. The latter is among the best in the world, but bandwidth is expensive compared to other countries. This can be greatly improved. At this point, the market forces really have a downside.

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