MoreApp in Germany!

We are proud to announce that MoreApp has expanded its activities to Germany. We've always been open and glad to help German organizations get rid of their paper forms.

Why Germany?

Due to our strong believe that Germany is home to the values of efficiency and effectiveness, which perfectly fit MoreApp's philosophy. We provide the tool to make the move into the future by enabling businesses to convert their paper forms into digital ones, saving them time and money with every form. Moreover, it is one more step towards our vision of paperless offices.

German forms

What kind of forms do German organizations use? Enterprint built a work order for installing marketing banners on location. They add a picture after the work is done. MCS Promotion uses MoreApp for their trade fairs to gather interesting ideas for promotional products. Additionally, inspection forms for the installation and building industry are very popular in Germany.


If you have any questions about MoreApp in Germany, feel free to contact our German representative via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Do you want to stay informed about our developments in Germany? Sign up for our German newsletter!

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