MoreApp at Web Summit

MoreApp at Web Summit

Over 1,000 companies in the automotive, construction, facility, financial, trade, government and healthcare sectors already experience saving up to 50% of time. MoreApp is selected as one of the most promising startups to be present at Web Summit 2014, a major technology conference in Dublin.

In November this year, 20,000 visitors will travel to Dublin from all over the world. Companies like Amazon, Dropbox, Google and Apple visit Web Summit each year. MoreApp will participate in the Alpha program. This program brings great startups together with the people who can take them to the next level. The organization of Web Summit says: "This year, we're going even further." Why MoreApp got chosen for this special treatment?

MoreApp is a Dutch startup. In two years time they built an app that even Silicon Valley does not have. In our daily activities, we see forms being used everywhere. MoreApp is looking to help companies with creating, editing and maintaining mobile forms. Companies no longer need to bother with paper forms that take a long time to create, process or even keep track of. MoreApp offers an extensive directory of widgets that are available to build forms with. Think of widgets like photos, barcode scanning, adding a signature or text headers.

New launched widgets

The startup just launched some widgets to optimise business processes. MoreApp will demonstrate these new functions at Web Summit. The first one is sending work instructions. At the office, forms can be pre-filled and sent to colleagues in the field. They receive push notifications on their handheld device with the work that has to be done. Another widget to make processes more efficient is adding icons to specify positions on a map, floor plan or photo. MoreApp also introduces the option to create an own color theme. The app will have the company's look.

Interesting for investors

MoreApp is very interesting for complementary investors. Investors with a worldwide network and experience with enrolling an internet startup overseas. Investors that believe that everyone has to experience how simple it is to create digital forms and go paperless. The startup does not work with a venture capitalist yet. MoreApp is suitable for any company that captures data on location. Think of often used forms like work orders, audits and surveys. With a smartphone or tablet, everyone has access to every form at any location, even an own device can be used.

Web Summit

Visit MoreApp at Web Summit from November 4th - 6th. The startup is excited to meet you and offers you a special Web Summit treatmentL. Sign up for a free trial during Web Summit and get 200 credits for free!

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