MoreApp and Blockchain: That is Possible!

Team MoreApp & Avisi participate in an innovation project initiated by PWN. The team creates a Proof of Concept for stock registration of water meters using blockchain technology.


PWN, a Dutch water company, organized the Makathon Smart Solutions together with the 3D Makers Zone for the third time in 2017. The goal of the Makathon is to innovate in the water sector. During the Makathon the idea for stock management of water meters with blockchain technology made such a good impression that a week later PWN decided to take the next step. For this the knowledge of MoreApp and Avisi was asked.


Currently it is not always clear which water meter is where. That is why PWN asked for a better way to register where the water meters are located in the entire flow of goods. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to record all transfer moments irrefutably. From the central warehouse the water meters are sent to different exchange points. Contractors pick up the water meters at these points and place them at the final locations. A multi-disciplinary team with representatives from various organizations, Avisi and MoreApp, worked on a Proof Of Concept (PoC) based on blockchain technology. Namely a central management system for assets such as water meters that can be expanded with other assets.


Blockchain technology offers the possibility to record assets and transactions unchangeably. Each water meter has a unique code and is registered as an asset (address) on the blockchain. With every transfer a new transaction is registered on the basis of this unique code. In this way, the location where the water meter is located and the history is recorded accurately and reliably. The PoC has shown that multiple frontend applications can be connected to the blockchain platform (Ethereum Enterprise). The API that has been developed has an open architecture. This innovation can therefore relatively easily also be used for other assets and by other parties!


"The ease of use of MoreApp and the idea that the contractors and the employees in the warehouse can record the transfer with their own telephone really appeals to us." - PWN

"It is very nice to walk between the forklifts and talk with the employees in the PWN warehouse one moment, and later build concrete solutions for their logistical challenges." - Dirk-Jan Hoek, MoreApp


To record the transfer moments, the team has created digital forms with MoreApp. Thanks to the MoreApp Platform it is possible to build a solution within one day. With a PWN-hook, the data is sent via a team-built API to a blockchain platform. With a PWN-widget the information about the water meters is retrieved via the same API and shown in the MoreApp forms. With the PWN-widget you can scan the barcode of the water meter. Next, MoreApp shows a list of transactions of that specific water meter.


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