Estonian Tech and Science News Site Forte Found MoreApp

The most famous Estonian tech and science news site Forte wrote an article about MoreApp.

Forte - Uus äpp MoreApp: koli paberankeedid nutiseadmesse ning võidad aega ja raha!

Forte writes that MoreApp has taken enormous steps to change the ways how businesses are filling in their daily forms. For example in the construction industry using mobile forms might save up to 75% of time compared to working with paper forms.


MoreApp is suitable for any company or organization that collects data on location. Using MoreApp forms does not require any special skills. Everyone can create and manage their own forms. With the intuitive drag & drop form builder they can add a variety of widgets like pictures, scan barcodes, add signatures, text fields and many more. With mobile devices it is possible to enter the data on any location. Even offline.

Currently more than 1,000 companies like TomTom, Euromaster and Achmea are using MoreApp and this number is increasing rapidly. Filling in forms has never been easier.

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