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The vast majority of companies use surveys to analyse their internal environment. This is an important process which should be done as effective and efficient as possible. MoreApp allows you to use the app as a digital survey App!

Handing out, collecting, and eventually re-entering data from paper surveys takes a lot of time. Therefore, digitalising these surveys can prove to be a very time- and cost-saving solution. MoreApp offers you the ability to use its App as your own digital survey App. Not only can the surveys be filled in on the mobile app (available on iOS and Android) but also on a desktop or laptop by using the webclient.

By using digital surveys you save time, money and increase sustainability both for your company and the planet by eliminating the use of paper in this process. 

Data can be connected to your management software, thanks to the possibility of API integrations. Or export the data to Excel or Google Sheets. You can design the survey by choosing from a wide range of widgets, you can even design your own widgets! 

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