Industry 4.0 - How MoreApp Digitises Your Workflows

Industry 4.0, known as the fourth industrial revolution, means a big leap forward for companies towards digitisation. The shift has had a great impact on the way businesses operate. What is Industry 4.0 exactly and how can MoreApp help you in this revolution? Find out more in this blog.

Industry 4.0 stands for the digitisation of information, processes and data. The desired result is to optimise your work processes. Automating workflows will help you work more efficiently and collect the right data. You can integrate MoreApp by using our free API, Webhooks and Zapier. Find out more here about our integrations.

Industry 4.0: A new Era for Digitisation

This is facilitated by integration platforms such as Zapier. Such tools help you to connect your different tools. Eventually, this will lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Essential parts of the fourth revolution are:

1. Production: Optimise the production processes

2. Collecting data: Manage your data efficiently and safely store your data

3. Sustainability: Focus on green(er) solutions and reduce the use of paper

Cover these essential parts of the industrial revolution with MoreApp.

“What I am amazed about with this fourth industrial revolution is that hardware and software are integrated and highly customisable. It helps us build better products, personalised, with high quality and ready for the same day delivery.”

Thom Bokelaar

CEO MoreApp

Taking the Next Step in Digitisation with MoreApp

Are you ready to take the next step with your company? Paper forms were commonly used in the secondary sector. Now, they are history. Companies are working more and more digitally, expressing the need to work both online and offline. MoreApp offers various possibilities to digitise your processes and make them more efficient.

Create checklists, inspection forms, work orders and many other digital forms. With the Form Builder, you can easily personalise your digital forms and adjust them as you wish with our most used Integrations such as:

By reducing the use of paper forms you make a positive contribution to the environment. MoreApp can be used in all industries.

“People nowadays need tools that empower them to make their lives easier. Tools like MoreApp fuel innovation because it is user friendly, highly customisable, sustainable and secure.”

Thom Bokelaar

CEO MoreApp

Advantages of Working with MoreApp

The possibilities of working with MoreApp are endless. What are the advantages for your company?

  • Increases sustainable working
  • Contributes to efficiency by simplifying processes
  • Automates workflows
  • Helps you to collect data in a secure way


Join the digital movement and digitise your processes! We help you face and overcome the challenges that may come with digitisation. With MoreApp being ISO 27001 certified your data is safely stored. Are you ready to try MoreApp with our free trial period?

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