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As of Tuesday, April 7, changes to the MoreApp platform have been made. In this post, we would like to inform you of these changes.

Plug-ins and Marketplace

We're very proud to announce the long-awaited plug-ins. Plug-ins allow you to process a filled out form. For instance, if the filled out form needs to be sent to another system (ERP, service desk, etc.) the plug-in system can help out. Previously this was already possible by using the MoreApp API, but with the plug-in system everyone can develop these functionalities without having access to your account.

You can configure these plug-ins for your forms by editing a form and going to the new tab called 'hooks'. Here you will be able to add a plug-in to your form that will be triggered whenever that form is sent to MoreApp.

Right now all plug-ins are available to everyone and they are free. In the future, we will be adding support for paid plug-ins and for customer specific plug-ins.

Before you can add a hook to a form, you must install the plug-in. You can do this in our newly created Marketplace right now there are only two plug-ins:

We encourage developers to create and submit plug-ins through the developer portal.


Mobile app

Several changes have been made to the mobile app. The app is currently pending review and will be released when it is available. Changes to the mobile app:

Other changes

On top of the changes mentioned above there are other changes too:

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