STAG Works with Inspection Forms

Working effectively, providing an excellent service and collecting objective evidence are the reasons why STAG chose MoreApp's inspection app. What are the challenges STAG has been facing? And how did MoreApp help to increase STAG's workflow? 

STAG (Security - Surveillance - Alarm - Guarding) is a French company based in the Yonne region. It is specialised in the safety of goods and people, providing electronic and physical services. As part of its security services, surveillance patrol and intrusion alarm operations, STAG uses MoreApp and more specific, inspection forms.

Digital Forms Facilitate the Workflow

STAG's employees use work orders and inspection forms when making surveillance rounds. They check if everything is in order to ensure that everything works smoothly and that everyone is safe. The agents go on sites and use forms to capture information about incidents that have occurred.

"What I like about MoreApp is its ease of use and its flexibility especially using widgets to build forms, also the creation of subforms is a very good idea," says Mr. Horbacz, STAG's CEO. 

Switching from Manual Data Entry to Digital Entry

The challenge faced by STAG was to get rid of manual data entry. When the security agent finishes the intervention, he previously filled in the work order on paper to report to the customer what he has worked on. This sending process was time consuming and reports were not received immediately by their customers. Which was not very effective considering that fast information provision is a key ingredient for a good security service. 

Now, STAG uses MoreApp digital forms, which allows to directly add photos with comments and send the digital report directly to the customer. By using MoreApp, they manage to gain time and completely replace the paperwork of the operations mentioned above.

"Our security agents were manually filling in the work orders on site, and had to contact the customer later to give all the info. This was a tedious and time taking circuit," explains Mr. Horbacz." Now, by using MoreApp, everything is handled in just one click and sent to the recipients, thus receiving the report in real time."

Considerable Time Savings

With the digitisation of her work processes, STAG employees reduced their administration time by almost 50%. Real time data entries and fast information delivery are key aspects for Mr. Horbacz.


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