MoreApp's Inspection App Optimises Work Processes

Do you wonder in what ways you can optimise your work processes using an inspection app? Discover in this article how MoreApp eases your daily inspections by digitising the reports. 

Using paper to collect and analyse data in the field, is a very time consuming and tedious task. MoreApp offers an inspection app to help you improve your efficiency by digitising your work processes. Keep reading to discover the great benefits of the inspection app for your business. 

Digital Forms for your Inspections

Many companies inspect the quality of their materials and machines, to meet specific security requirements. In order to optimise these inspection processes, MoreApp offers a solution which allows you to build your digital forms. With our intuitive Drag and Drop Form Builder you get to build and personalise your own digital form. Once the form is built, you can use the App on your smartphone or tablet to fill in the form. We also offer the functionality to store your forms into folders, to maintain a clear overview for you and the other users

How Inspection Forms make you Achieve Better Results

With MoreApp's Inspection App you can easily check and inspect any item on sites. Include an electronic signature in your form by adding the Signature Widget. It is also possible to take pictures and to track locations. To inform all of the people involved, you can send your PDF or Word report via email. As a result, the collection and analysis of your data is made more efficient

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Thanks to MoreApp Branding, you can get your own branded inspection app! We offer the possibility to remove the MoreApps colors and logo and replace them with yours to fit your business style. You can get more information here

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