Inspection App to Prevent Occupational Hazards

Do you want to create digital forms to inspect the safety on construction sites? MoreApp allows you to use the inspection app for Android, iOS and Web.

Effective inspections protect workers from workplace hazards. These inspections help to avoid incidents, injuries and illnesses. With the results of the inspections you minimize or eliminate safety and health risks so employers can provide workers with a safe and healthy working environment.

Regular Inspections

These inspections used to be done on paper forms. This can take a lot of time. Now it's possible to work with an inspection app´╗┐, the use of an app will speed up the proces. Because safety and security are of great importance, these inspections need to be done regularly. So that risky situations can be avoided. An inspection app makes your work easier! Thanks to a digital inspection form, it is be easier to conduct workplace inspections and to have a better insight in the points to improve. Moreover, workers working with the inspection app only need their smartphone or tablet. An internet connection is not even necessary.

The MoreApp Form Builder´╗┐ allows you to use an enormous variety of functionality to make the perfect inspection app to make your work easier.

Digitise Every Business Form

Furthermore, using MoreApp you can digitise every business form. For example surveys for workers to ask them if the relationship between colleagues is good or not, if the office environment is adequate to keep growing, et cetera.

What do you think about building yhour own inspection app? Will this be useful in your company? If you want to try it sign up for free!

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