How to Boost your Productivity?

You feel that you could improve your productivity? We know that sometimes it can be hard to focus all day long, distractions are everywhere and at the end of the day you did not manage to achieve your to-do list... This blogpost tells you about the right habits to adopt at work in order to boost your productivity. Read MoreApps tips and tricks now!

Productivity is defined by the efficiency of a person. As open-spaces have developed more and more these past years, the workspace has been redefined and is now shared with more and more colleagues. As a result, it is noisier, chatting is more common between co-workers (hey, we are not telling you that's a bad thing to do!), we are more tempted to regularly check Instagram and other social media, so all of this together makes it harder to achieve your tasks. No worries, it happens to us all. We give you the chance to implement the rights habits to be more productive.   

Right Habits to Adopt at Work

We gathered a list of habits and activities to adopt and implement at work to increase the productivity*:

How MoreApp Helps you to Improve your Productivity?

MoreApp is a digital solution that helps companies to build digital forms using the Form Builder. You can capture data on site without any internet connexion as the app works offline. It is available for Android, iOS and Web. You can create any kind of form: work orderschecklistswork instructions and so many more! You will save time, money and trees as you put paper forms aside. In that way, you improve your employees' productivity because the work process is fastened. As a result, the communication is facilitated between the employees but also with your clients as all the information is received real-time. Do you want to discover the "Behind the scenes of MoreApp"...? Keep reading!

At MoreApp HQs we...

We like to challenge ourselves! So, in order to be productive at all times we: 

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