Get in Control with the Digital Checklist

Scan Europe chooses MoreApp because of the reliability of the product and the speed of creating a digital checklist.

Supplier of ICT solutions, Scan Europe, has been working with Caring Fieldmarketing for 20 years. Scan Europe creates and manages all the digital checklists for Caring Fieldmarketing with MoreApp. Scan Europe has also fully automated all business processes by integrating MoreApp with other systems. The entire field activities can now be controlled digitally.

The field staff uses MoreApp for filling in the time and mileage registration. The digital checklists are used when placing promotional material in shops. To capture photos of shelves, to note the inventory and to order products.

“With MoreApp we help our customers with an all-round solution. A new checklist is easily created in a short period of time.” - Aldo Boon

Every Shop Visit is Worth Money

The customers of Caring, manufacturers of various premium brands, see the data of the many store visits in real-time. The data is imported from MoreApp into an online portal of Scan Europe.

“We often see that companies invest in custom applications because the needs and requirements change rapidly. With the flexibility of MoreApp, there is no need to invest in a custom application. This allows us to save time and money.” - Aldo Boon

The reliability of a product is most important for Scan Europe. Every shop visit is worth money because it provides important data for the manufacturers. Reliability is one of the reasons that Scan Europe is working with MoreApp. MoreApp guarantees an uptime of 99.99%!

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