MoreApp en Français

MoreApp released its latest version of the app entirely in French.

Do you want to switch your forms from English to French? Now is the time! MoreApp is now French and you can now use our digital forms app in French. The latest version of the form building app MoreApp is now entirely available in French on all devices that use Android or iOS.

The biggest innovation is that all buttons and even the side menu of the new app are fully available in French!

Our customers spoke their mind about this innovation and they requested a French version of the MoreApp application that will simplify and ease their work with a friendly, easy interface that is fun to work with. And MoreApp created and facilitated it!


The French version of the app will combine the modern design of MoreApp with the spacious range of classical functions and features.

No more hustle. No more miscommunication. No more mess. Just more fun, with MoreApp in French.

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