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Forms, whether paper or digital there is always a place where these forms are organized or stored. When working with paper forms, the pile of paper keeps on piling up in your storage unit or office space. Even though the forms are organized whether by date or name, they are never truly organized.

The only true way of organizing your forms is by converting them to digital forms! With digital forms you save time filling in forms, minimize error risk and save money. Using MoreApp for your forms allows you to add many values to your forms for example:

MoreApp gives you an online platform with an easy drop & drag form builder to create the best digital form! MoreApp's Platform is the tool for creating or converting any type of form. But how do MoreApp digital forms help you clear your storage space? MoreApp also offers you an app for your forms! With a forms app you fill in the forms from your smartphone or tablet and this data is automatically stored.

The forms app is the final step for your ultimate digital form; in the form app you fill in the forms any and everywhere! Using MoreApp’s forms app you add these values to your forms:

With MoreApp, you can export all the data retrieved from your filled in forms to an Excel file or a Google Sheets for a further backup system. The forms app is easy to use and the forms are always the latest version. There is only one answer to have all your forms truly organized: MoreApp digital forms.

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