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Do you want to create your own digital forms? Are you worried that it is time consuming and that you need experience or knowledge? Don't worry, this Form Builder is easy-to-use and does not require any special skills. Using the drag and drop tool makes creating your own beautiful and useful forms easier than ever before.

MoreApp's Form Builder works like a drag and drop toolbox, where you can add all kind of widgets to build your form. Add your company logo, a barcode scanner, checkboxes, pin-elements, radio buttons, date and time, images, labels, look up fields, signature boxes and many more. Make the field filling required or add rules, defining which questions need to be answered or can be hidden in certain situations. It is also possible to use plug-ins that allow you to process a filled out form. For instance, if a filled out form needs to be sent to another system (ERP, CRM, service desk, etc.) It is also possible to use the API to integrate the MoreApp forms with your database/system. For free! Design your own PDF layout, so all the forms fit your company's style.

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