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How can Big Green Egg Europe reduce its administrative hassle? In what way can Big Green Egg Europe get more efficient in getting in touch with interested visitors on a fair ? The answer to these questions? Big Green Egg Europe decided to use personalized digital lead forms provided by MoreApp on the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt.

Company description

Big Green Egg Europe was founded 40 years ago and has its roots in the United States. The Big Green Egg barbecue isn't just your regular barbecue. Moreover, a Big Green Egg is a barbecue, pizzaoven, smoker, slowcooker and regular oven all in one. Big Green Egg Europe was founded 15 years ago and is currently being sold in 44 European countries. This significant growth is partly due to the fact that the Big Green Egg is seen as a ''Lifestyle'' product. Nowadays people tend to take more time for cooking, and making tasty and healthy meals together with friends.

Digital Forms

Big Green Egg Europe employees used MoreApp's digital lead forms to reduce time between the first contact and the follow-up of potential customers, which they met at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt.


''MoreApp is really customer friendly, easy and quick to use. Besides that, the MoreApp employees deliver good after-care'' - Arjo van Geest


The main issue for companies attending fairs is the time between the first contact and the follow-up conversation. It sometimes takes over a week for a company to follow up on one of its leads. This might cause the potential customers to lose interest or in the company or the product.


MoreApp provides companies with the opportunity to directly follow up leads with its digital lead forms. The digital lead forms instantly reduced the administrative hassle for Big Green Egg Europe. Visitors that fill in the digital form will immediately receive an email with Big Green Egg Europe's business card along with relevant information. Furthermore, after a potential customer filled in the digital form, the distributor in the appropriate country will receive an alert. By using MoreApp the Big Green Egg Europe's distributors were able to reduce the time between the lead and the follow-up with one week!

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