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Filling in inspection forms on location is a struggle; the forms are out of date, you have to carry around your camera and use a smartphone, tablet or a computer for information. On top of that, you have to send the papers back to the office for further analysis. With an inspection app, these problems are history.

Many companies have to inspect the quality, quantity and condition of the materials they use and projects they are working on. Inspections involve examination, measurement, testing and comparison of materials or items. The organizations have to be flexible towards the changing rules in order to meet all the safety criteria and many other specific conditions. It is essential for a company to carry out proper inspections with valid results and avoid the struggle with the information delays and badly filled in forms. Working with paper forms makes it hard. The world is changing so fast that in many cases the paper forms are already outdated by the moment we print them out. MoreApp has a solution: use digital inspection forms and keep your inspections and incoming data up to date on any location.


Benefits of an inspection app

Digital forms are much smarter than paper forms. Use MoreApp to build your own inspection app to inspect buildings, technical systems, workplaces, and the environment on your smartphone or tablet. The benefits of digital forms?

Are you looking for a way how to make your inspections easier? Convert your paper forms into digital forms and win time and money! MoreApp inspection app - the perfect solution for your company!

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