Digital Form App to Record Work

The mechanic or contractor now no longer has to drive to the office to hand in paper forms with the work that has been done and can spend more time on the job.


Van Vuuren already has a history of more than 90 years and is therefore a well-known technical installer in the Netherlands. The company is active in the utility and infra sectors.


All mechanics capture their work using the e-formapp daily. With the digital form app mechanics capture work, used materials and photos for every project they work on. The report is automatically emailed to the project manager. With this information the project manager keeps real-time insight into the progress of the project, sends invoices and keeps the client informed. The digital forms app is also used to generate delivery reports. At the end of every project, the site is inspected together with the client. Work that still has to be done is captured with the digital form app.


"We never lost data using the digital form app." - Max van Vuuren

"The mechanics tell me that working with a digital form app works pleasant. Filling in only the necessary information and easily skipping the rest." - Max van Vuuren

"After exporting completed forms, we see at a glance whether a repair action is needed, for which I do not have to open 500 separate forms first." - Max van Vuuren


Van Vuuren searched for a solution to save time and prevent data loss. Paper forms can get lost. It takes a while for the mechanics to come back to the office during a long-term project. If the work of one day is not captured, it is difficult to remember later what exactly has been done.


The work and delivery reports now directly arrive in the correct inbox and in the database! The mechanic now no longer has to drive to the office to hand in paper forms and can spend more time on the job. This saves the company time. The Form Builder of MoreApp works easy and flexible. With the dragging and dropping of blocks, the company builds a form very quickly. When a new form has to be build, Van Vuuren switches to partner e-formapp. By using the Word-hook e-formapp ensures that a report of 6 pages now fits on 1 page.

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