The digital concept of Elektro Musswessels

Elektro Mußwessels GmbH is a medium-sized company that employs around 70 people in the safety and electrical engineering industry. Important for the company are material requirements, weekly reports and construction site dairies. How are they used effectively and digitally?

Elektro Musswessels - A security company with tradition

The medium-sized company Elektro Mußwessels GmbH currently employs around 70 people and has been located in the city of Papenburg - only 20 kms distance to the Netherlands - for over 25 years. The core competence of the company is the performance of independent project and operating services in the fields of information, security and electrical engineering. Due to many years of experience in the industry, the company is particularly active in challenging and nationwide projects, such as in the planning, installation and maintenance of the electrical and safety systems of hospitals, retirement homes, shopping centres, industrial plants and other public buildings.


Mobile and direct submission of forms

More commonly, MoreApp is used to create digital forms for material requirements, weekly reports, and construction site diaries, Both the weekly report and the material requirement are submitted between 50 and 100 times a week. With the weekly report employees can track time and fill it in via the app. For the material requirements, the employees are using either the webclient or the app to request the required material directly and easily from the warehouse. 

"The big advantage of MoreApp is the direct submission of forms from the various construction sites to the office of Elektro Mußwessels GmbH. Neither our technicians nor construction supervisors need to collect their forms and bring them to the office, nor do our office workers have to wait for the collection of the forms. In the case of material requirements, we can save time because the required material can be assembled on the same day and transported to the construction site the following morning", says Martin Lorenz from the company development department at Elektro Musswessels.

Digitalisation brings customer loyalty and time savings

The medium-sized company is currently facing several challenges: First, most employees of the electrical company work on external construction sites. The submission of paper forms was therefore often very delayed. Even the customisation of former paper forms was always complicated, because many forms were stored for multiple years after the first download as a local copy on various devices. With the help of MoreApp, the external employees now have a much more direct connection and commitment with the company. Now the company can send weekly reports and material requirements conveniently via an app in the office, submit a leave request directly from the sofa at home or even send suggestions for improvement. Furthermore, nobody needs to pay attention to using the most current version of a form, because the latest version of the online form is available at any time and updates are made automatically. Thanks to MoreApp, material requirements, construction site dairies, defect and acceptance reports have become an important part of the day-to-day construction site management of the company, which can be viewed and managed at any time.

Above all, the digital concept - to make use of digital forms - offers measurable time savings. The time required for employees to submit paper forms, as well as the time to request forms which are not yet submitted, has been eliminated. Furthermore, the frequently used material requirement eliminates the demand for inaccurate information about the required material, as this is selected directly with a stock item number in the form and ordered in the warehouse. In the future, Elektro Mußwessels GmbH will continue digitising and improving their work processes using MoreApp. 


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