Digital Checklist for Chile's Fire Department

Firefighters need to keep a strict control in order to guarantee safety in any emergency. The control process should be really quick and simple to lose as less time as possible. Do you want to know how they use MoreApps Digital Forms in order to achieve this goal?

The 18th troop of the Santiago's Fire Department, in Chile, is working to respond to all kinds of emergencies that may arise in the city. The organisation of firefighters to which they belong are formed by all the brigades from Santiago, which are all volunteers!

Precise Vehicle Control

Due to the complexity of fire vehicles, which include more than 500 elements to be able to respond to different kinds of emergencies, it is necessary to keep a very precise control of all the features that the vehicle counts. To do so, the volunteers use a weekly Checklist Form to check the inventory in each machine, allowing the firefighters to see if any items are missing and consequently, being able to replace them in time.

In order to receive the data easily, the organisation wanted to use technology that makes it possible to digitise the information collected during emergencies, then analysing the data and establishing a plan for improvement. To achieve this, they needed Digital Forms' Software that is easy to use and available for an accessible price.


Evolve with Simplicity

Before finding MoreApp, they worked with paper forms, consequently retyping all the information into Excel. But, as they mentioned, emergencies evolve over time and it is necessary to grow together with them. 

Currently, the information collected is sent to the responsible person just after finishing each revision. In this way, they can adjust everything that might be necessary in a more effective and quicker way.

"I am truly impressed with the simplicity of MoreApp! Moreover, the Free version has a lot of features available.' - Martín Gabrielli (Volunteer Firefighter) 

Nowadays, the 18th troop of the Santiago's Fire Department can guarantee that every week their vehicles contain all the necessary elements.


They have expressed that this is just the beginning of their digitalisation and that they have already thought of different other ways of using MoreApp in the field!

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