Construction industry works smart with digital forms

Do you want to improve how the forms are filled in your construction company? We all know that the construction industry uses a lot of forms. Paper forms are still used for inspections, audits, work orders, inventory forms and timesheets.

Filling out paper forms is tedious. No one enjoys it, especially when it means a lot of extra work after the forms are filled in. Usually the forms have to be checked and re-entered to the databases, which means every week hours of work, for nothing. With MoreApp Forms, paper forms are history. Using digital forms in construction, your company might save up to 75% of time. Digital forms are smarter, quicker and cut down the time spent on wrongly filled in forms or re-entering the data to information systems.

Alphaplan is an independent construction consulting firm with approximately 65 employees. Each year the organization conducts over 10,000 inspections, mainly to capture the actual quality of real estate. Based on the results they make improvement plans for renovation or maintenance. Alphaplan uses MoreApp digital forms and it has greatly improved their processes. The field workers enjoy it and find it easy to work with.


Digital inspections

The clients of construction companies like to receive digital reports, so why would you not digitalize the inspections? Using the app give companies many advantages. Inspectors are able to register the data directly on location using a smartphone or tablet. It is much easier than struggling with paper forms. It saves time, because important parts of the forms cannot be skipped and redundant questions do not appear. Even pictures can be added directly to the right place to the form. When the inspector signs the form, it is directly ready and can be sent digitally to the office and/or to the customer.

Build your own form

With MoreApp you process all information paperless. Build the forms yourself with the intuitive Form Builder. Add elements like photos, digital signatures and barcodes to the form. Fill them in on your smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop. Send an e-mail to your customers with the filled in forms.

The platform of MoreApp is fully compatible with other systems. The app is white labled and our code available for free! Making a custom app is as easy as it gets. The app will have your own company name and logo with the same functionality, forms and integration capabilities as the standard MoreApp.

The hidden costs of paper forms are often up to €2 per one form. Digital form costs only €0.15 per used form. Sign up for a Free trial and witness yourself how easy it is to use digital forms!

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