How Autostock Works With a Vehicle Inspection Checklist

AutoStock optimises its processes by using a Vehicle Inspection Checklist. How does MoreApp’s solution help the company improving its workflows?

The French company AutoStock, specialised in logistics and the preparation of vehicles, simplified the vehicle intake process by replacing paper forms with digital forms. Autostock receives vehicles from different customers and brands every day. The intake process varies from one brand to another since every vehicle has different characteristics.

Why Paper Forms Are Not Practical

Previously, the company inspected vehicles by filling out a checklist on paper. However, the use of paper forms was not practical since it required travel time between the fleet and the company office. Next to that, the handwriting could be unclear. The use of paper forms, therefore, created organisational issues.

Today, AutoStock uses MoreApp to create and fill in vehicle inspection checklists. They implemented if this then that logic into their form, so one checklist can be used for all brands.

The company also uses MoreApp internally for invoicing. Invoices are automatically sent to the accounting department. Previously, AutoStock created invoices manually using Excel, which regularly generated errors. With MoreApp, the company is now able to send invoices flawlessly.

“There are two of us using MoreApp at AutoStock. MoreApp has become an indispensable solution for us because it has completely integrated our way of working!" - Johan Martin, Operations Director at AutoStock.

What Are the Advantages of a Checklist Application?

The company notices a significant simplification of its processes thanks to the checklist application. This saves a considerable amount of time since the forms are now completely customised to every unique vehicle inspection process. AutoStock exports the data to Excel and implemented an email notification. In addition, by configuring its PDF, AutoStock receives reports similar to their previous reports on paper.

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