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Are you working in the automobile industry and looking for a innovative solution to save money and time? Then it's time to convert your paper forms into digital forms! The cost of a paper form can be some around €2, while a MoreApp digital forms cost about €0.20, which is ten times less!

The automotive industry uses forms on a daily basis for inspections, lease agreements, intake forms, test drives, selling or buying cars, new car registrations, insurance papers and repairs. That's a lot of paperwork! But what people often don't realize is that using paper forms actually costs a fortune.

Digital forms are easy to use and much smarter than paper. Creating a form does not need any special skills and the filled in forms are sent automatically to the platform where sending the data to your back-end system does not cost anything extra. The following reasons will show you why it's so much more efficient:


Available for TomTom

You can also use MoreApp on the new TomTom Telematics driver terminals. Fill in your forms on TomTom devices or carry them around on your mobile device. For businesses the link between TomTom Telematics and this app for mobile forms is very convenient. TomTom navigation and fleet management is used to see where the car is and where it should go. MoreApp forms are used to see what the driver did on what location. Drivers can bring the TomTom PRO 827x to the location where they deliver goods, fill out a MoreApp form and have it signed. The TomTom PRO 827x series includes new functionality that can corresponds exactly with what you want when filling out electronic forms:

MoreApp is suitable for any company or organization that collects data on location. With the intuitive drag & drop Form Builder they can add a variety of widgets like pictures, scan barcodes, add signatures, text fields and many more. With mobile devices it is possible to enter the data on any location; even when you have no cellular or wifi connection.

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