MoreApp Forms Available in Virtual Maps

In the Ges-Emer app, you can see 360° maps of your building, environment or installation. Is there some work needed? Click on a button and directly fill in a MoreApp form.

What is the advantage? You can use digital forms within your virtual maps to help you prevent risks. Next to that, you will have all information available at one place in a detailed and well structured manner. All in one with the integration between MoreApp and Ges-Emer!

Virtual Maps to Prevent Risks

Ges-Emer offers virtual maps for the inside and outside of buildings. This allows any worker to access an installation with a 360° view without being there. Once inside, it allows to interact with any element within this building. It is possible to estimate the risks and do measurements in different working areas. You can also check the necessary protection equipment, start a new training process, see a video of the manufacturing process of any working line or do prevention maintenance. The system is used by many companies from different sectors; Food, Metallic and Chemical, and also city councils who want to have control over the situation of their buildings or services of the municipality, such as museums or sports pavilions.

Benefits of the Integration with MoreApp


On your mobile device, you will get a virtual map of any installation that you desire. You will be able to configure this space so that you will get the correct site or machine information. From Ges-Emer, clients are given an extra benefit to their virtual maps, as everything comes from their mobile devices and there is no need for internet access to report or consult information.

What else? Thanks to the integration of digital forms with the services of Ges-Emer, you will also be able to get result indicators. The amount of accidents per year or region for example, indicates which are the most labour risks preventive regions.

Let us know if you would like to receive more information about this new partnership with Ges-Emer.

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