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The air conditioning installation company Sermain uses MoreApp to have an instant communication between departments and as a result they save money.


The company Sermain, located in Spain, is a company that is dedicated to the installation of air conditioning and industrial cold. They implement the latest innovations and technologies in the industrial, commercial, air conditioning and ventilation fields in order to fully cover the needs of their customers.


Sermain's main idea was to collect requests for work orders from all employees, but they quickly mentioned that they could get more out of it and also started using information requests and time registration forms.


"We were looking for something that we could configure without having much computer knowledge... We saw this application on the internet and we understood from the beginning that we could do great things with it! Also, we should point out the great support on the other side of the phone that helped us and especially the great savings in paper we have obtained, up to 500 printed sheets per month! " - Santiago


Finding a standard system to configure multiple types of forms without computer knowledge to improve communication between departments and save management time in their processes, always avoiding custom-made apps.


From the first moment Sermain realised how easy and intuitive it is to use MoreApp, the potential of the tool and the great profitability that could be obtained. At the administrative level, it has been noticed how fast the documents' reports arrive. They have saved up to 15 hours per month in processing them! Now the communication between departments is very efficient. Sermain's productivity has never been at such a high level!

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