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Are you working with Microsoft 365 in your entire organisation? You ask, we deliver. We're all familiar with the hassle of managing projects and navigating through various applications. Solve the issue of manual tasks, inefficient communication and tools that are not synchronised by using Power Automate, seamlessly integrating with your other Microsoft 365 applications. Connect MoreApp with Power Automate and make your life easier.

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Connect MoreApp with Microsoft Power Automate, part of the Power Platform alongside Power BI. With Power Automate, you connect your tools to Microsoft 365 applications like SharePoint, Outlook and Teams. Enhance your workflow efficiency with this reliable automation platform.


Everything is Connected

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based platform. It allows you to create automated workflows across your preferred Microsoft products, apps and services. Upload files, receive and send notifications, visualise data or add new rows in datasets. Everything is possible using pre-built connectors for Power BI, Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive or Salesforce. We recommend automatically transferring data from MoreApp submissions to Excel worksheets, or sending notifications or alerts based on specific events or triggers in your software.

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No More Complicated Processes

Custom apps for business processes are often costly and time-consuming. With Power Automate, you only need the API to connect, no other custom apps are needed. Then it lets these apps communicate through their APIs. Power Automate Desktop provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for apps without APIs. Perform multiple actions across various platforms with one click and say goodbye to manual data entry. Automatically upload files, update spreadsheets, send notifications, or create tasks, all with a single click. Simplify your work processes with Power Automate.

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Create Effortless Workflows with Templates

Hundreds of possible connections are available in the Power Automate platform, called connectors. Get started quickly with Power Automate and MoreApp by using premade templates. Templates are pre-built workflows that allow you to instantly connect MoreApp with Power BI, Excel, Teams, and SharePoint. New form submissions automatically add data to Power BI datasets or Excel sheets. Download and upload your reports directly to Sharepoint and inform your team with a Teams message. Discover the combined power of Power Automate and MoreApp.

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We chose MoreApp to keep processes simple. It works fantastic! Even people who are not digitally educated can easily work with MoreApp.

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Creating functional workflows doesn't require advanced programming skills. Power Automate simplifies workflow creation with over 300 standard connectors, adding new ones regularly. Power Automate is a powerful tool that can be especially useful for enterprises working with Microsoft 365 applications. The interface may require a bit of a learning curve at first. When in need of advice, our team is happy to help. Book a call now and learn from our experts.

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