Workplace inspection

Create intuitive workplace inspection forms that are tailored exactly to your company's needs! By using MoreApp’s workplace inspection, your employees will save time on the routine inspection jobs, which will in turn increase their productivity.

Use MoreApp’s Form Builder to make your own digital workplace inspection forms. The workplace inspection app is available on iOS and Android and works both online and offline. Collect better data with the digital workplace inspection form and never miss important information.

Conducting workplace inspections has never been this easy!




What is a workplace inspection?

A workplace inspection is an efficient way for your employees to periodically assess the workplace. Use the app to check all safety points one by one. If a point is not approved, add a photo and a comment. Finalise the form by adding a signature and send the form to the manager to sign it off. The app is a great intuitive solution to inspect in a more efficient way by receiving real-time reporting. No more paperwork is required for workplace inspections.

MoreApp Form Builder Workplace inspection Form

Add photos when a point is not ok

Send the form to a manager to sign

Add logic to the form

Pin locations

What are the benefits of a workplace inspection? 

MoreApp can be accessed anytime and anywhere, so no Internet connection is required to conduct a workplace inspection. By using digital forms you can also save time and money because no human-errors will be made due to the intuitive nature of the app. All work inspection reports are stored in the same place for you to never lose data and analyse if needed. MoreApp helps you with notifying the points that require extra attention in order to keep the workplace safe! Next to that, doing inspections periodically will contribute to either obtaining or maintaining your safety certificate.

MoreApp Workplace inspection Form

Work off- and online

Professional looking reports

Respond to issues straight away

All data in one place

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