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Create your own digital visit report and fill in forms, easily from anywhere, with the digital forms app for Android and iOS. Optimise your work with a digital visit report! Import your own customer database and keep the submissions all in one place. Manage data and access customer information from your own database. Integrate your digital visit report with your CRM, ERP or any other software system! Add comments and send an email at the end of the visit to have a clear record of all the visits made.




What is a visit report?

A digital visit report allows you to capture all the data of your visits in a more efficient way! Import customer information to save time when completing the form during your visit. Add the details of the meeting and add the action points. All parties involved in the visit receive a PDF report, with the details, via email. Thanks to this process, you will not forget any agreement after the visit and it helps you to carry out the necessary actions quickly. Link your digital visit report with your company's management software. Save time with collecting data! MoreApp allows you to have total control and create a visit report according to the needs of your company. Try MoreApp for free and start your trial period. 

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What are the benefits of a visit report?

Improve the quality of your visits using a digital visit report! Capture all the aspects discussed during the visit. The PDF report includes your logo, customer information, details and signatures. You can also add the GPS location of the meeting location. With a digital visit report, you receive the data instantly and you can automatically send the data to your CRM. Working with MoreApp guarantees that all the information of your visits is stored safely. Create all your visit reports, easy and intuitively, with the MoreApp Form Builder. The changes made will be automatically be applied in your visit report app. The digital visit report helps in maintaining an excellent relationship with your customers! At the same time, you gain efficiency! 

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Receive professional PDF reports

Send an email to the customer

Integrate with CRM

Set up workflows

"Thanks to MoreApp we have greater control over our visits. All the data is sent automatically. The App allows us to provide a higher quality service while using eco-friendly forms."

Sara Pacientes

Healthcare Company in Colombia

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