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Use and personalise the transport container check app to conduct the assessment of containers. MoreApp’s checklists are intuitive and easy to use, which saves time for your employees when checking the containers as it avoids any human errors. The transport container check app is available on iOS and Android and works both online and offline.




What is a transport container check app?

Transport container check form is a form that is used to measure the safety and security checks that are important for the secure transportation of goods in containers. MoreApp’s transport container check app is a digital form that helps you to efficiently conduct container checks. The app is a perfect solution for those working in a transportation industry as it improves the process of tracking and recording data for all container parts to ensure their safety and readiness for exploitation. Include container information, inspector’s details, digital signatures, checks for the individual container parts, notes and more. Collect the data electronically and automatically send the checklist to the responsible team.

MoreApp Platform Transport Container Check App

Secure data storage

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Automatically send the reports

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What are the benefits of a transport container check app?

The transport container check app is beneficial for all its users, including both field workers and the back office, because electronic data entry and digital checklists save time and money by avoiding human-error mistakes. After data is entered into the app, it automatically converts into a PDF report that can be emailed straight away to the required parties. This ensures that all parties involved are up-to-date with the security measures of transported goods and no important information is lost in the process. All customer’s data is secure because MoreApp is ISO27001 certified which ensures the protection of data collection and storage.

MoreApp Transport container check app

Work on- and offline

Professional looking forms

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Export data to Excel or Google Sheets

"The data is also easy to analyse after an event. Because of the digital and structured way of capturing, I immediately get an accurate overview of the sales opportunities."

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