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Create intuitive and personalised test drive agreements that help your company optimise processes. Using MoreApp’s test drive agreement app enables your customers to save time on completing the agreement and your employees to avoid manual data entry.

Use MoreApp’s Form Builder to build your own test drive agreement forms or use the pre-made template we offer! The test drive agreement app is available on iOS and Android and works both online and offline.




What is a test drive agreement app?

A test drive agreement app is an efficient way to sign agreements between you and the customer that likes to do a test drive in a vehicle you offer. The app helps to collect all the necessary information to create an official agreement. Include vehicle information, customer data, a digital signature and a photo of the driving license. Collecting data electronically helps with receiving the data real-time and proceed with the test drive in no time. The quick and easy process of data collection keeps your customers happy and employees focused on the important tasks.

MoreApp form builder test drive agreement

Add a photo of the driving license

Add a digital signature

Automatically send the agreement to the office

Easy to update the form

What are the benefits of a test drive agreement app? 

One of the biggest advantages of using MoreApp’s test drive agreement app is that it saves time and money by avoiding human-errors due to the intuitive features of the app. All test drive agreements are securely stored in one place and can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets. MoreApp’s digital forms have a professional look. You can, for example, add your company’s logo.

MoreApp test drive agreement app

Work on- and offline

Professional looking forms

Secure data storage

Export data to Excel or Google Sheets

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