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Create your own survey app for iOS and Android devices! By using a survey app, you are sure to receive data real-time from any event, trade show or marketing campaign. You can fill in your surveys with or without an internet connection. The surveys that you've made with the MoreApp Form Builder can also be used as webforms. Use the link to have your customers fill in an online satisfaction survey via email! MoreApp keeps your data secure. Start digitising your surveys and try MoreApp for free!




What is a survey app?

A survey app is a way to collect online data from surveys. The app replaces the surveys that you used to fill in on paper. Surveys are mostly used to collect data at events. Another popular type of survey is used to capture the employee or customer satisfaction levels. Manage your digital surveys with the online Form Builder. The MoreApp Form Builder gives you full control over your own surveys. Use smileys or stars in order to ask for someone's feeling or emotion and add multiple choice or open questions. After publishing the survey, it's available in the app for the users you assigned it to. These users can fill in the survey as many times as they like. The collected data is ready to be exported and will give you more valuable insights into your target audience.

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The app works on- and offline

Questions can not be skipped

Add pictures and signatures

Automatically insert the date and time

What are the benefits of a survey app?

First of all, all you need in order to conduct surveys is your mobile phone! This way, you will have access to an unlimited amount of surveys. Anytime, anywhere! A survey app makes piles of paper redundant. Next, working with a survey app saves time. Why is that? Digital data collection facilitates a much faster process of collecting and analysing data. The survey app replaces the traditional way of handing out, collecting and retyping paper forms. This makes digitising surveys a very time- and because of that also cost-efficient solution. The results you receive contain fewer errors than filling in surveys using paper. The data is much more accurate because the answers are easy to read, compared to handwriting. The captured data can be analysed real-time and in an easy way! Last but not least, you contribute to the sustainability of both your company and the planet by eliminating the use of paper in this process.

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Add the GPS location

Email a PDF report to the office

Export data to Excel

Integrate with planning or CRM

"Respondents fill out surveys on the computer, but also off-site, such as: on a train, at an event or in a store. The incorrect data input dropped with 90%!"

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