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Save time and digitise your processes using MoreApp’s site inspection form. Keep track of the progress of your field workers and receive reports in real-time. The site inspection form can be filled out online and offline on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. Simply download our app from the App Store and Google Play Store. Personalise your form using the MoreApp Form Builder. Easily drag and drop widgets and build your site inspection form. You can try MoreApp during our free trial period.




What is a site inspection form?

A site inspection form is a digital form that allows your field workers to evaluate and report safety issues to construction sites. Add pins to a drawing or photo to visualise points of improvement. Field workers can include photos and remarks of their observations. Complete your site inspection form with a digital signature from the field worker. All involved parties receive a PDF report in real-time. The PDF report contains an overview of the inspection data. Connect MoreApp with your other tools in an easy way by using Zapier. With MoreApp all your data is safely stored in one place.

MoreApp Site Inspection Form Builder

The app works on- and offline

Add photos and signatures

Add pins to a drawing or photo

Import and export data

What are the benefits of a site inspection form?

Saving time! Your employees can easily download the app and fill in the form on their devices. No internet connection is needed to fill in the form. When the site inspection form is completed a PDF report is created automatically. Personalise the PDF by adding your company’s colours and logo. You can also personalise the app with our branding module. MoreApp is ISO 27001 certified which is proof of our secure data collection and storage. By switching from paper to digital forms, you work more sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

MoreApp Site Inspection Form

Email reports to all involved parties

Integrate with your other tools

Secure data collection

Create workflows with Zapier

“MoreApp is very user-friendly and it’s easy to manage and add users with your user management. We can make great analyses with the reports. It saves us a lot of time.”

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