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Use MoreApp’s service order to digitalise the processes of requesting work or repair tasks, and recording information about the service provider. The digital form is very user-friendly and intuitive, which makes it easy to use for anybody, regardless of their tech-savvy level. The service order can be modified using the Form Builder, in which you can simply drag and drop widgets that are useful for your company’s service order form.




What is a service order?

A service order form is a temporary agreement between a service provider and its recipient. The agreements most often concern requesting services such as repair, work, or maintenance from service providers, in which billing is performed upon the completion of the task requested. MoreApp’s service order form can be used by both service providers and recipients in any industry, for example, construction, installation, automotive, and more!

MoreApp Platform Service Order

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Automatically insert date and time

What are the benefits of a digital service order?

A digital service order contains many advantages that will help you save time on proceeding with service order tasks. Automatically fill out a request and completion dates, add the description and notes of the task, choose the priority type, record the details of people responsible for the task, and more! All data captured in the app is instantly sent to the destination points that require to have service order details. MoreApp is ISO27001 certified, which means it securely stores all your information and data that you put in the form.

MoreApp Work Order Form

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Receive instant reports

Work eco-friendly

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