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Use MoreApp’s security assessment to evaluate the level of security at your workplace. The security assessment form can be tailored specifically to your security measures. The digital form is very intuitive which allows your employees to easily conduct and speed up the process of assessments. The app is available on iOS and Android and works online, as well as offline.




What is a security assessment?

A security assessment form allows you to conduct security checks quickly and efficiently. Digital data collection ensures that all information is kept secure and never gets lost. Everything is stored in a secure cloud that you can access anytime and anywhere.

MoreApp Platform Security Assessment App

The app works on- and offline

Secure data storage

Add possible answers to questions

Easy to complete

What are the benefits of a digital security assessment?

A digital security assessment includes a variety of features that help you save time and money on regular tasks. Answer security questions by choosing between already available options in the platform, and add notes and photos where improvement is required. All information captured in the app will be immediately sent to the office or any other destination point that demands to have the security assessment reported immediately.

MoreApp Security Assessment App

Add photos

Email the results to your team

Fill out forms remotely

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"MoreApp enabled us to save time and improve our operational performance. We no longer have to spend 2 hours on a report on the way back to the office, everything is sent in one click from the field."


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