Safety Checklist App

Use MoreApp’s safety checklist app to efficiently evaluate if the requirements for the field worker’s safety equipment are met. Customise checklists by dragging and dropping widgets into the form using the Form Builder. Receive collected data in real-time and integrate MoreApp with your management software. Work faster and more efficiently with MoreApp!




What is a safety checklist app?

A safety checklist app is a digital form that allows you to easily monitor whether your employees' protective equipment complies with your company's safety measures. The MoreApp Form Builder offers a variety of options and widgets to adjust a safety checklist according to your requirements. Add equipment photos, text and signatures to your digital form. Complete the safety checklist from any location, from a mobile phone or tablet, online or offline. Improve your safety equipment management with MoreApp!

MoreApp Safety Checklist Form

Add signatures

Add photos

Email the results to your team

Securely stored data

What are the advantages of a safety checklist app?

Simplify your tasks and save time with a safety checklist app. Avoid double data entry and minimise the risk of making mistakes. By using MoreApp’s safety checklist app, you can track the status of your safety equipment, request new equipment when needed, confirm and sign when it arrives, and more! All your collected information is securely stored by MoreApp as it is ISO27001 certified, so you don’t need to worry about the confidentiality of your data and security issues. The safety checklist app is a perfect solution for companies that work in the automotive, construction, installation, service & maintenance industries, and many more that require wearing safety equipment. Moreover, by refusing paper forms, you contribute to the sustainable operations and positive footprint of your company.

MoreApp Safety Checklist App

Integrate with management software

Work on- and off-line

Professional looking reports

Working sustainably

“MoreApp has made us faster and more efficient. We no longer need to spend 2 hours on a report when we get back to the office, everything is sent in one click from the field.”


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