Rental agreement form

Use the digital rental agreement form to fill out rental information, add agreements and digitally sign it. The rental agreement form is especially useful for securely signing contracts online, over any distance. It’s easy to adjust the rental agreement in accordance with the information that you want to capture. You manage the form with the online Form Builder: simply drag and drop widgets into the form. It’s never been easier to create digital rental agreements!




What is a rental agreement form?

A digital rental agreement form is an efficient, secure and safe way to sign rental contracts and other property renting related documents. MoreApp helps you to replace paper rental agreements and any other forms with digital ones so that you’ll never lose any important data. MoreApp is also ISO27001 certified which ensures that your data is securely stored.

MoreApp Platform Rental Agreement

Fill out forms remotely

Receive an email with the signed agreement

The app works on- and offline

Add digital signatures

What are the benefits of a digital rental agreement?

Easily sign agreements using an app without external electronic or hand-written signatures. Easily add the text that describes the agreements using the MoreApp Form Builder. Both parties sign the form and MoreApp automatically generates a PDF report including the agreements and signatures. The app works both online and offline, so you and your clients can fill out the forms anytime and anywhere! Working with digital forms instead of paper forms is also more sustainable and environment-friendly!

MoreApp Rental agreement form

Easy to complete

Secure personal data storage

Easy to manage

Work eco-friendly

“The Form Builder works very user-friendly and even if you're not technically minded, it's really easy to use.''


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