Non-disclosure agreement

Use MoreApp’s non-disclosure agreement to sign important documents and enter into contracts with any parties involved. The form can be personalised to specific agreement documents and your company’s policies. The platform is very intuitive which eases up the process of signing important agreements. You can instantly email the signed documents to the office or required parties.




What is the non-disclosure agreement?

A non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract that is signed between two or more parties. It outlines confidential information that the parties are willing to share with one another. MoreApp’s non-disclosure agreement is a digital form that allows you to securely sign any document quickly and efficiently. Digital signing of documents ensures that they are kept confidential and all information is stored securely. MoreApp is ISO27001 certified which ensures confidentiality and secure processing of any data that it stores.

MoreApp Platform Non-Disclosure Agreement App

Fill out forms remotely

Secure data storage

Add digital signatures

Easy to complete

What are the benefits of the non-disclosure agreement?

The form includes many features that improve the efficiency of your company’s processes. For example, you can digitally sign documents, automatically chose a date, add non-disclosure points and any contact details. All recorded information will be instantly sent to the office or any other destination point that demands to have non-disclosure agreements immediately. Moreover, by working with digital forms, your company processes become more sustainable as no paper is wasted on forms.

MoreApp Non-Disclosure Agreement App

Add non-disclosure points

Email the results to your team

The app works on- and offline

Working sustainably

"We wanted to make the safety check process much easier. Because of the constant legal changes, it is important to be sure that all the workers are using the same version of the form, which is up-to-date. Using MoreApp is just great and we are trying to recommend it to our partners."

Geoff Scurr

Rock quarry owner and operator company from New Zealand

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