New vendor app

Use MoreApp’s New Vendor app to collect contact information about your suppliers. You can personalise the app to collect the most relevant data for your business, for example, VAT number, billing information, request authorisation, and much more. MoreApp allows you to have the full control over the data that you gather! The data is stored securely due to our strict security policies and can be accessed anytime and everywhere




What is a new vendor app? 

A new vendor app is a digital form that helps you to request information about your suppliers and vendors efficiently and securely. You don’t need to worry about losing important data anymore as it is all stored digitally in the same place. With MoreApp, data can be collected both online and offline by using iOS, Android and also from your desktop.

MoreApp Platform New Vendor app

The app works on- and offline

Add VAT number

Add a digital signature

Add and verify bank details

What are the benefits of a new vendor app?

Collect the data about your vendors in a unified manner. Record contact information such as email, business address, phone number and more. You can send the information about the new vendors in a neat-looking email to your team as soon as it is collected. This saves time on manually sending follow-up emails.

MoreApp New Vendor app

Easy to update the form

Secure data storage

Professional-looking emails

Work eco-friendly

"We have adopted the app, there is no department that does not work with MoreApp. With MoreApp we took ten steps ahead."

Van Mossel MB BV

Dutch Mercedes-Benz dealer

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