Mileage tracking app

Use the mileage tracking app to easily track all your journeys. Create a mileage tracking form yourself using the MoreApp Form Builder. Share the form with your employees and allow them access to use the app on their phone or tablet. Receive the data in real-time. Reports are automatically generated and sent to all parties involved via email. Save time by organising your administration more efficiently. Capturing data has never been this easy!




What is a mileage tracking app?

A mileage tracking app is used to easily capture the miles driven. It’s used to add general information such as the addresses of the visited locations, parking costs and the exact number of miles you have driven. All data is automatically sent to the office. Download the app for free and use it on your mobile phone or tablet.

MoreApp Form Builder Mileage tracking

Sum up the total mileage

Add parking costs

Send a daily or weekly report

Generate reports automatically

What are the benefits of a mileage tracking app? 

A mileage tracking app brings many advantages. First of all, you’ll save a lot of time by digitising your mileage tracking process. You can fill in the mileage during the day or after visiting a location. Another time-saver is the fact that the office has direct insight into parking and mileage costs to process your reimbursement. With using MoreApp you’re sure not to lose any valuable data. You can save forms as a concept and when finalised, send them. Using an app minimizes the chances of errors or mistakes because all required data is pre-filled.

MoreApp Mileage tracking form

Reduce mistakes

Not losing valuable data

Optimise administration

Focus on driving

“All project details are visible in our time tracing app. Colleagues open the app and immediately see where to go.”


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